Purpose of this Organization:

  • To unite in common bond full-time students enrolled in classes with trade and industrial objectives.
  • To provide leadership for the local chapter.
  • To provide recognition and prestige through an association of local chapters.
  • To develop leadership abilities through participation in educational, career and technical, civic, recreational, and social activities.
  • To foster a deep respect for the dignity of work.
  • To assist students in establishing realistic career and technical goals.
  • To create enthusiasm for learning.
  • To promote high standards in trade ethics, workmanship, scholarship, and safety.
  • To develop the ability of students to plan together, organize, and carry out worthy activities and projects through the use of the democratic process.
  • To foster a wholesome understanding of the functions of labor and management organizations and a recognition of their mutual interdependence.
  • To create among students, faculty members, patrons of the school, and persons in industry a sincere interest in and esteem for trade and industrial education.
  • To develop patriotism through a knowledge of our Nation’s heritage and the practice of democracy.

SkillsUSA Pledge

Upon my honor, I pledge:

  • To prepare myself by diligent study and ardent practice to become a worker whose services will be recognized as honorable by my employer and fellow workers.
  • To base my expectations of reward upon the solid foundation of service.
  • To honor and respect my vocation in such a way as to bring repute to myself.
  • And further, to spare no effort in upholding the ideals of SkillsUSA

Meaning of the pledge

Upon my honor, I pledge: This is a very strong statement. It means you are committed to follow through on your promise.
To prepare myself: Preparation requires self-control. It means effort without immediate reward but with the knowledge that the effort will pay off when the preparation is completed.
By diligent study: Diligence implies something far beyond a quick review of assignments. Diligence means perseverance, concentration and not always taking the easy route.
And ardent practice: A person of character makes every effort in spite of setbacks or personal loss.
To become a worker: SkillsUSA members take pride in making things happen, in being good workers and in their employers.
Whose services: Doing things for others is the basis of many occupations. SkillsUSA members strive to be active in their schools and communities.
Will be recognized as honorable: The result of preparation, study, practice, work and service is the respect and honor given SkillsUSA members.
To base my expectations of reward upon the solid foundation of service: This statement reinforces the attitude that we must first serve in order to gain. This attitude is important to success.
To respect my vocation: SkillsUSA members recognize the need to find their vocation and strive to understand its traditions, skills, leaders and potential.
To bring repute to myself: SkillsUSA members strive to have a good reputation among their peers, fellow workers, teachers, parents and employers.
To spare no effort in upholding these ideals: This means service to the community, school and SkillsUSA chapter – getting things done and becoming a leader, all with the ideals of SkillsUSA in mind.

The SkillsUSA Creed

  • I believe in the dignity of work
    I hold that society has advanced to its present culture through the use of the worker’s hands and mind. I will maintain a feeling of humbleness for the knowledge and skills that I receive from professionals, and I will conduct myself with dignity in the work I do.
  • I believe in the American way of life
    I know our culture is the result of freedom of action and opportunities won by the founders of our American republic, and I will uphold their ideals.
  • I believe in education
    I will endeavor to make the best use of knowledge, skills and experience that I will learn in order that I may be a better worker in my chosen occupation and a better citizen in my community. To this end, I will continue my learning now and in the future.
  • I believe in fair play
    I will, through honesty and fair play, respect the rights of others. I will always conduct myself in the manner of the best professionals in my occupation and treat those with whom I work as I would like to be treated.
  • I believe satisfaction is achieved by good work
    I feel that compensation and personal satisfaction received for my work and services will be in proportion to my creative and productive ability.
  • I believe in high moral and spiritual standards
    I will endeavor to conduct myself in such a manner as to set an example for others by living a wholesome life and by fulfilling my responsibilities as a citizen of my community.

SkillsUSA Motto

Preparing for leadership in the world of work.

SkillsUSA Colors

The colors red, white, blue and gold represent the national SkillsUSA organization.

  • Red and white represent the individual states and chapters.
  • Blue represents the common union of the states and of the chapters.
  • Gold represents the individual, the most important element of the organization.