Ashish D'Souza, President
My name is Ashish D'Souza, and I am the 2017-18 Delaware SkillsUSA President. I am a Junior in the Engineering Design Technology shop at POLYTECH High School, where I compete in FTC Robotics and the SkillsUSA Computer Programming competition. I'm looking forward to getting involved in the Coastal Cleanup and Invention Convention, as well as increasing the number of leaders in our state.

Jason Mello, Vice President of Communications
Hello! My name is Jason Mello and I am a junior at POLYTECH High School. I serve as the POLYTECH Vice President of Communications on the Delaware SkillsUSA State Officer team. I am in the Computer Engineering Technology shop with Mr. Haley at POLYTECH. I am an App Developer on the Google play store for android devices. I enjoy making videos, skateboarding, and learning new things in my free time.

Stephen Baione, Treasurer
Hello, my name is Stephen Baione. I am a senior from POLYTECH High School and the 2017-2018 Delaware SkillsUSA State Treasurer. I have a passion for Mathematics and Computer Science and am a member of the varsity lacrosse and swim team. I am elated to participate in elevating Delaware SkillsUSA and the community.

Kayli Jenkins, Secretary
Hello! My name is Kayli Jenkins and I am currently a Junior at POLYTECH High School. I serve as Secretary of the Delaware 2017-2018 SkillsUSA officer team. I am in Electronics Engineering Technology, where I further my mathematical and troubleshooting skills. In my free time I love to garden and help the community however I can. I’m excited to assist in leading and uniting the students of SkillsUSA!

Jacob Wandless, Polytech Vice President of Community Service
My name is Jacob Wandless and I am a senior in the Engineering Design Technology shop at POLYTECH. I serve as the 2017-2018 Delaware SkillsUSA Vice President of Community Service. I have a passion for history, science, and plan to join the military. I’m eager to build my leadership skills and promote education, fair play, and the American way of life.

Aidan Fitzgerald, Polytech Vice President of Leadership
Hello, My name is Aidan Fitzgerald and I am a freshman at POLYTECH High School. I serve as the Vice President of Leadership on the SkillsUSA State Officer team. I am looking forward to participating in SkillsUSA competitions this year. I am excited to be your State Vice President for Delaware SkillsUSA this year.