Mikaylee Preuss,
SkillsUSA President, Mikaylee Preuss, from POLYTECH High School is a rising senior in Broadcast Media. She helps coordinate the school-wide morning show and is working on perfecting her skills in the area of photography and production. One of her goals this year will be to incorporate SkillsUSA into the morning show, whether it be through verbal notice or a slideshow presentation. She plans to use her leadership position to influence other schools (who have the ability to broadcast to the school) to do similar activities to boost the SkillsUSA brand.

As president she hopes to motivate her officer team to go outside of their comfort zones and push themselves to their full potential. Through social media we would like to highlight students in their technical areas and showcase their personalities through images. Students, teachers, and staff will get an opportunity to focus on the importance of the organization and what benefit it can have for the future of these technical students.

Ethan Wong,
Vice President of Leadership
The new SkillsUSA Vice President of Leadership is Ethan Wong. He is a senior in the Electronics Engineering shop at POLYTECH High School. This year he hopes to help students prepare more for SkillsUSA competitions and for the real world. Getting more people aware of SkillsUSA would mean that they have more time to prepare and understand how SkillsUSA can provide the onramp toward a successful future. The current roadmap established by the new officer team will be invaluable toward achieving this goal, as the new Instagram presence and food drive will get more participation and awareness of SkillsUSA. With the changing workplace dynamics we are going to explore whether SkillsUSA might benefit from new competitions that focus on online interaction or remote work.

Oslene Vanyanbah,
Vice President of Communications
The new SkillsUSA Vice President of Communications is Oslene Vanyanbah. She is a rising senior at POLYTECH, and has established a goal of increasing the overall reach and engagement that SkillsUSA has for its organization and members. As a senior in Broadcast Media and familiar with communicating through media, she will be tenacious about ways to achieve this goal. The team recently established an Instagram page for the organization, @delawareskillsusa. This page will be used to connect current and former SkillsUSA students in a more modern fashion while keeping it professional but also engaging. We will work to create content such as polls, dedication posts, and more. “Fun Fact Friday” will include an interesting fact about the SkillsUSA organization that will be published to the account. With the social media presence combined with our in-school efforts, we are certain that we can increase the footprint of SkillsUSA.

Carlos Sanchez,
Vice President of Community Service
The new SkillsUSA Vice President of Community Service from Polytech High School is Carlos Sanchez. A senior in the Electronics shop, Carlos has participated in SkillsUSA over the past two years and has also accumulated over 500 hours of community service. One of his goals is for the organization to be more involved and help out more within our community. He plans to conduct a food drive for all SkillsUSA affiliated schools and hopes to provide a generous donation to the Food Bank of Delaware during the holiday season. Additionally, he will work for the entire membership to earn more community service hours.